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Poly Bind-KD and Poly Bright-KP

Polybind KD
This is one of our revolutionary products that is being used in detergent cake, which can very conveniently be used proportionately in replacement of STPP and partially it can replace Sodium Silicate which is cost effective. Polybind KD acts as binder, an excellent anti scaling agent and water softening agent. Polybind KD acts quite well as anti re-deposition of soil. One of significant feature of Polybind KD is that it does not let the detergent cake becomes hard after some days and avoids fungus formation on the detergent bar.

Polybright KP
You don’t need to add more than 3% of Polybright KP in the detergent powder, it is sufficient enough to replace complete STPP and achieve better detergency in the detergent powder. This product helps to increase the re-anti-deposition property of the phosphate free detergent powder and also helps to reduce the manufacturing cost of detergent powder by improving the process.