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Keisha Hand Sanitizer

Kavit Polybind offers full range of hand sanitizers to help fight germs/bacteria and keep hands clean and hygienic. Our hand sanitizers are ideal when water and soaps are not available. Keisha sanitizers are hands on product to keep you germ free and protect from deadly diseases.

Keisha sanitizers are substitutes of soap and water for hand washing. Our sanitizer contains alcohol that kills pathogenic bacteria on hands that causes illness and diseases. All range of Keisha sanitizer has the record of killing 99.9% germs on hands. We are using 70% of Alco Gel with content purity of 96%.

Pen Packaging: Keisha Spray Hand Sanitizer – 10 ml

Using Keisha Sanitizer in pen packaging is a fun as it’s handy and always there when you need it Easy to fill in your pocket with size as small as pen. We’ve enriched it with Vitamin E to maintain the moisture on your hand and comes with refreshing smell. This sanitizer is go to item whenever you step aside.
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Belt Packaging: Keisha Hand Sanitizer – 30 ml (Just Clip It and GO)

This pack is ideal for women; the unique belt lets you clip it on your purse, belt, and backpack. They are best fit for pockets and purses. You never have to leave home without the health and well-being of Keisha Sanitizer.
Kills 99.99% common germs to keep you healthy. Use it anywhere, any place without water or towels.
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Standard Packaging: Keisha Hand Sanitizer – 50 ml

Our Flagship product and all time favourite. You can use it before meal, after meal, use it after public transport journey, or after touching animals. This sanitizer will kill 99.99% germs to keep you disease free. It comes with soothing smell and Vitamin E to moisturise your hand.
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