Offering a wide range of premium quality
fine chemical products at very competitive price.

About Us

Kavit Polybind Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of FMCG and private label personal care products like hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer with cleanser automatic dispensing systems for the commercial market. Our business is built around an uncompromising dedication to partner with distributors to provide best quality products. Our focus to manufacture hand sanitizer and hand cleansing products with advanced quality and cheaper price has led the company flourishing ever since its formation in 1996.

Today, Kavit Polybind remains a trusted supplier of high performance hand cleansing and sanitising products for dealers across India and Worldwide. This includes Hand cleanser with sanitizer, Hand wash, Pen sanitizer, sanitizer dispenser, speciality chemicals etc. Our ultra modern plant is Govt. approved and can accelerate the production with short notice.